Youghiogheny Glass 2020 Annual Warehouse Sale FAQ


Where: Youghiogheny Glass Warehouse, 300 South First St, Connellsville PA 15425

             *when GPS tells you that your destination is on the right, it is really 1000 ft

              up the road, beyond the "No Outlet" sign. We are NOT in the blue Steel

              buildings. Look for the Butterfly Mosaic. Do not block the loading zones.

When: Fri Oct 16, 7AM-7PM and Sat Oct 17 8AM-4PM

           Extended Hours to accommodate social distancing. 50 customer limit in the warehouse. We will let in the next in line when shoppers have entered the check out line. First Entry will be 7AM Friday October 16, 2020 at the regular garage door entrance. NO RESERVATIONS. Social Distancing is required. Please see "What to Wear."


Sale pricing is ONLY available during the posted sale hours; in person at our

            Connellsville, PA location. Phone Orders NOT accepted.


What to Wear: Long Pants and Closed Toe Shoes are MANDATORY; Gloves and Mask are Required, eye protection is recommended.


What to Bring:    Packing Materials such as bubble wrap, newspaper, foam, blankets;

              milk crates, dolly or cart, totes, water, snacks, a smile and your Patience.


What to Expect:   Extreme discounts on 6*12's, 10*12's, scrap, end cuts, and UNCAT.

              Great deals on Production HS RG SP G TD Oceana and Y96 Glass.

Preview of Uro by Yough Production.

            A crowd, especially at opening bell! Please bring your patience as we only set up for this once a year. We have made improvements, though.


Changes Due to Pandemic:                  2020 will be different than years past in that we must limit the number of shoppers in the warehouse. We will allow

roughly 50 shoppers in at a time. Once a shopper enters the check out line,

we will allow the next in line to enter. Please socially distance, and

wear gloves and a mask where needed. If you are ill or have

been in close contact with someone who is ill, please do not attend.

We will take all measures possible to provide a safe sale but customers

should be aware that there may be inherent risks of choosing

to attend this public event. We are unable to take reservations.


How to Help:       Have a plan and be prepared. Check out and loading can take some

               time, but to speed up the process you can organize your cart before

               approaching the check out. Follow signs and directions to the check out line so that we can count you as "out."  Also follow signs for parking and

               loading zones. Do Not Block in garage doors or driveway.


              ***** If you have a resale license, bring a copy with you that we can keep.*****


Area Information:     Lodging:  Comfort Inn Hotel, Connellsville B&B, Fox Castle B&B

      Melody Motor Lodge

                  Food: O'Donnells, Italian Oven, Bud Murphy's, Ruvo's,    M&M's Clubhouse, Arch Cafe, Kickstand Kitchen,  NY Pizza,

 Keedy's Pizzaria, Double Dragon, Zia Maria's


Things to do:



PHONE: 724-628-3000    FAX : 724-628-5060    EMAIL :YOUGH@CVZOOM.NET

Banner Artwork: Sunflower Panel, Lynn and Katie Rainbow Vision Stained Glass; Lamp, Joanne Leary Stained Glass Artist; Tiger Panel, Tim Biza and Alice Swayze